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From Shaggy to Chic Mobil Pet Grooming

X Small dogs under 20 pounds... $55.00

Luxury Hydro-Massage Shampoo and Conditioner


Sanitary Shave

Ears Cleaned

Fluff Dry

Optional, Bows and Perfume

Optional Teeth Brushing

Some may wonder, why use a mobile groomer? The prices of a mobile groomer have to include travel time and the fact that there is only one client in the salon at a time. However there is a value that a mobile groomer brings that does not show up in the prices. The following are some reasons to use a mobile groomer.

Convenience: The mobile comes to you at a time that is convenient to you. This means you don't have to load your skunk-sprayed or shedding pet into your clean car, drive to the groomer, drop off your pet, drive back home, wait for the groomer to get to your pet, drive back to the groomer pick-up your pet and drive back home, then clean your car.  This also saves you gas as well as time.

Less Stress: There is less stress on you than giving your pet a bath yourself, because you don't have to deal with, getting everything out that you need (shampoo, towels, scissors, more towels, nail clippers, septic powder, hair clippers, more towels, brushes, etc...), then giving your pet a bath in your bathtub, sink, swimming pool, etc... then cleaning up the mess.

There is also less stress on your pet with a mobile because unlike a grooming shop, a mobile groomer only works on one dog at a time. Your pet does not sit in a cage for hours waiting it's turn to get a bath, waiting it's turn to get brushed, waiting it's turn to be clipped or scissored, a shop will cage dry dogs because it allows them to do more dogs in a day. That is why it takes many hours for a shop to groom your pet and a mobile groomer to take only an hour or two or even less.

The Right Equipment: The custom built mobile grooming salon used by From Shaggy to Chic has been equipped with the right equipment, tools and materials to properly groom your pet, efficiently and safely.

Small dogs 21 - 40 pounds........ $60.00

Standard Grooming Services:

Standard Grooming Prices:

The above prices are based on the standard package.

Excessive matting add $10.00

Other services available, please call for quote.

The above are estimates only and will be quoted before grooming begins.

Multiple dog discounts are available, please contact us for prices

Is your business “pet friendly”? Contact us about group discounts for scheduled pet grooming days for your employees and guests.

Medium dogs 41 - 55 pounds..... $65.00

Standard Services Explained:

Why use a mobile pet groomer?

Large dogs 56 - 70 pounds........ $85.00

X Large dogs 71 + pounds........ Call for quote

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