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From Shaggy to Chic Mobil Pet Grooming

Sherry Oliver

Sherry Oliver has been grooming dogs, cats and other small animals since 1988.  She has been involved in showing dogs and grooming to show standards. While most pets do not require this level of care and attention, this shows Sherry's level of commitment of your beloved pets. While her knowledge of breed styles and care of animals is extensive, she is constantly researching new information on better products and techniques to care for your pets.

Bill Oliver

Bill is Sherry’s husband and equipment design, engineering, builder, web site design and service technician. He also helps Sherry with larger dogs for general lifting, and holding cats for nail trimming.

Bill has been a photographer since High School and now is also making videos for our YouTube channel.

Bill continues to design and build equipment for manufacturing and construction since 1985.

Our Mobile Grooming Salon

The vehicle we chose for the Mobile Grooming Salon was based on longevity and size. Reliable enough to depend on for daily use. Enough size to accommodate all of the equipment needed, small enough to park on a street or in a driveway.

We have received many questions on how we built the Mobile Grooming Salon (aka Bessy), this was a labor of love and designed with ergonomics in mind. How we built it and how someone else would build theirs may differ, but our goal was to build the best we could and equip it with the tools that will make the job of grooming easier to do. Below you can see some of what went into building Bessy the Mobile Grooming Salon.

Why you should have us groom your pet in our Mobile Grooming Salon?

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